Jewelry Casting Defect Recognition and Resolution

JETT Research is developing a self help consulting service that will help you recognize and resolve many common jewelry production defects. This service is being designed to help smaller jewelry manufacturers get the benefits of our research and expertise without the initial expense of an on site visit by our consultants.

This new service will be a fee based service. We sincerely want you to be profitable and sucessful. We understand that regardless of the size of your organization you need access to the all the latest technical information available at a price that you can afford. Our goal is to see that you get it. Check back often as we get this new service off the ground.

For now you are welcome to access some of our free information on the Jewelry Information Downloads tab.  We will be offering much more information from all areas of the manufacturing stream as it becomes available on our site.  Check back often to see our progress.

  1. Design defects
  2. Feed and sprue design defects
  3. Mold cutting defects
  4. Wax room related defects
  5. Investing related defects
  6. Burnout related defects
  7. Temperature related defects
  8. Alloy related defects
    • Sterling Silver
    • Gold alloys
    • Platinum alloys
  9. Casting related defects


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